Blog Nov 2019 to Feb 2021

BLOG November 2019  It’s almost exactly one year since my unscheduled visit to Papworth and now I’m just back from the graduation ceremony held
Since the ESTA PG Cert course started in May 2017 my feet haven’t touched the ground and now, some 18 months or more since
It’s been a busy time over the winter – well that’s my excuse for not posting anything, but here’s a little round up of
Spring doesn’t seem to have quite made it yet with some chilly and rather overcast days, so no proper Morgan outings (with the lid
The last eight months have been musically and motoringly busy against a backdrop of disappointing summer weather. Although the Spring weather, during my regular
With Christmas done and Spring nearly in the air it’s time for me to share some news. A few weeks before Christmas I travelled
It’s been ages since I wrote anything, so here’s a little catch-up: Rather disappointingly, from my perspective, my big spell of work at Trinity
The important news first – Priscilla passed her MOT, although a few tweaks were necessary. Thanks to the lovely weather I’ve had lots of
Richard’s Blog June 2013 After an amazing Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May, with some warm sunshine and meals in the garden,
Richard’s Blog It’s now just over a year since I left ABRSM and it feels as if both me and that organisation have had